Drum Rider Norbert Pfammatter

We expect you to provide instruments of high quality standards.

If there are any problems please contact Norbert Pfammatter directly by mail or by phone under


+41 79 / 378 80 79

Non observing of this rider without contacting us may cause annulation of the concert and would be regarded as a breach of contract.

Bass Drum

18“ x 14“ (preferred) or 20“ x 14“

Not any mufflers / sound controls inside the bass drum

No hole in front head

Snare Drum

14“ diameter,  shell may be between 5“ and 7“ deep

No piccolo snare drums, no other diameter than 14“

Wooden shell or brass shell

Rack Tom

12“ x 8“

shell not deeper than 8“, i.e. no power toms and such

the rack tom is mounted on the bass drum with an adjustable tom holder

Floor Tom

14“ x 14“ (preferred) or 16“ x 16“

Floor tom with adjustable legs, not suspended


Remo Weather King white coated Ambassador

an all drums on both sides

On snare drum snare side 

Remo Weather King Ambassador Snare

No other drum heads will be accepted

Drum heads are the sounding part of a drum and therefore the most important element of a drum sound


4 cymbal stands

3 x straight, 1 x with boom arm

Cymbal tilters have to be intact with rubber and felt to prevent the cymbals from touching the metal parts of the stands

Snare stand

completely adjustable

HiHat stand 

with clamp for top cymbal

Bass drum pedal

models with round drive cams such as Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide, Sonor Perfect Balance, Tama Camco or similar. No Pedals with accelerator drive cams.

Drummers throne

completely hight adjustable, noise free and solid

Drum Carpet

a carpet that fits the size of the whole set, i.e. 2m x 2m

NP / January 2014

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